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Peculiarities of the Landscape of Unions within the Process of Globalization

Labor unions as the associations of the workers and employees are proceeded from the idea of creating the good environmental conditions, including the adequate pay and fair working hours. Joined together, people can protect their rights and improve the process, developing more comfortable conditions.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Peculiarities of the Landscape of Unions within the Process of Globalization specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The purpose of unions is to communicate collectively within the work process, regarding to its peculiarities and industrial characteristics. In this case, the members of unions can find the most appropriate solutions for improving the job security, increasing the benefits and overcame the fears of penalty. The history of unions provides a clear demonstration of its importance and power. However, the current economical situation and Globalization impact the work process on the different levels; therefore the unions should develop the new ways of broaden their appeal to a workplace environment. During the past century, workers of all industries have been searching for the work conditions’ improvement. It was extremely important to develop the new methods of the job security and increase the living standards. In order to achieve those goals, at the beginning of the century, in America was created the Teamsters Union with about 1,3 million members. In 1957, this union was reorganized into AFL-CIO that counted above 13 million workers. The changing landscape caused the reduction of the members. When the giant corporations realize the benefits of the use of human resource that requires lower wage rates, the unions were not able to stop this process. The influence of Globalization led to the terrible situation within the work environment. Moreover, the introduction of the modern technologies reduced the value of human resource. The companies realized that it is easier to control an automatic process than workers. Therefore, the technical advantage such computerized technologies led to the negative changes for the workers. Nevertheless, the unions were able to compete with the corporations, bargaining the agreements, dictating their clauses and providing a good protection of the workers. The large unions such as the national Educational Association of the United States, United Food, and Service Employees International Union demonstrated a successful policy. The highest ration of the unions’ members is in the public sector.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Teachers, police officers and fire fighters cooperate closely in order of common goods. The manufacturing industries always had high rates. If at the beginning the unions were made of â€Å"blue-collar† workers of the manufacturing sector, today, the t otal range of them is only about 35%. Today, modification of the unions’ philosophy is highly important step that should help to accommodate the unions to the shifting landscape. The workers seek for the extension of the unions in order to broaden their membership rights. XXI century requires introduction of the new dimension. Therefore, today, we can observe the changes of the unions that experience a reduction of the members, its value and power within the working process. Nowadays, the unions should provide more strict and effective methods in order to prove their ability to manage the work process and to improve the situation. The companies provide bargaining agreements that include bigger salary of the unions’ members than non-members. However, Globalization and landscape change as its peculiarity influences the position and power of the local unions. One of the bright examples is the British trade union that was very productive in the age of industrialization. To day, we can notice the high level of reduction within the British manufacturing. For the giant companies such as Shell, Unilever, Tesco is more profitable to use the human resource of the developing countries. The local unions should pay more attention to the various community activities. They have to realize an importance of the policy of broad communication with the different social structures. One of the reforms can be directed on the schools. Involving students into the communicative process, the unions can educate the new members who will create the new methods and improve the current system. This process can be reached by paying taxes to the schools. Although such method can be considered as expensive, the results are worst of this expenditure. Sponsoring the educational programs, the unions’ managers could create closer relations between the top of the organization and the members.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Peculiarities of the Landsca pe of Unions within the Process of Globalization specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The second solution can be found in the reduction of the fluctuations and developing of the financial stability. The unions should provide an independent policy based on the internal capital. The financial freedom helps being responsible through the surveillance of the giant corporations and government. The history of unions demonstrates their ability to manage the complicated social problems. However, today, there is a negative tendency of the reduction of the unions’ power. Workers are not interested to join the unions due to their inability to withstand the changes. Although workers today are more protected than one hundred years ago, the unions should provide the reforms that could protect members from the negative influence of the landscape changes within Globalization. The financial freedom and involvement of the young members can help the u nions create the new competitive system. This case study on Peculiarities of the Landscape of Unions within the Process of Globalization was written and submitted by user Jabari Gonzalez to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Free Essays on Boldrewood

and phrases. Through this language we can glimpse the Irish presence in early European Australia whose 'numbers and noisiness' was frequently mentioned by visitors to the Colony. While the Irish way of speaking English was frowned upon in the Old Country where societal correctness included the use of standard English in speech and print, under the freedom that was early European Australia an Australian vernacular could develop, one which would be representative of the variety that made up that society, and of which the Irish were a considerable number. Although Boldrewood provides a clear divide between his protagonists' English and Irish backgrounds, his choice of language reveals an Irish spirit in the characters and acting as an undergro... Free Essays on Boldrewood Free Essays on Boldrewood Robbery Under Arms is the story of the Marston brothers. Australian born Dick and Jim, and their English-born ex-convict father, Ben. Under Ben's influence the brothers take to the lawless path, following the charismatic Captain Starlight. The novel affords many interesting aspects for literary criticism. These range from the character of Captain Starlight to the role of the 'Terrible Hollow' through to the many and varied dualities in theme and character delineation. This paper will demonstrate that Boldrewood's narrative style is equally important in accounting for the attractiveness and durability of Robbery Under Arms. In particular his choice of key words which happen to be Irish language words bring a new dimension into consideration of the novel, reinforcing as they, and the other non-standard English words of the novel do, the overall theme of Freedom and Constraint. Three keys words in the novel are spree, call and world, of which the first two are Irish language words and the use of the last in phrases owes its origin to that language too. Scattered throughout the novel, in particular in the speech of Dick Marston in his role as the narrator, are other Irish language influenced words and phrases. Through this language we can glimpse the Irish presence in early European Australia whose 'numbers and noisiness' was frequently mentioned by visitors to the Colony. While the Irish way of speaking English was frowned upon in the Old Country where societal correctness included the use of standard English in speech and print, under the freedom that was early European Australia an Australian vernacular could develop, one which would be representative of the variety that made up that society, and of which the Irish were a considerable number. Although Boldrewood provides a clear divide between his protagonists' English and Irish backgrounds, his choice o f language reveals an Irish spirit in the characters and acting as an undergro...

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Compare And Contrast The Political Agendas Of Putin And Ahmadinejad Term Paper

Compare And Contrast The Political Agendas Of Putin And Ahmadinejad - Term Paper Example They are geared towards ensuring that the lives of their ordinary citizens are completely transformed economically as well as politically. Moreover, they are completely opposed to the west’s dominance over the global affairs. They view this dominance as primarily geared towards protecting the interests of the west at the expense of other world countries. It is in the light of the feeling that they all want to salvage their countries from this influence. They intend to achieve this by building a strong economy base in the country. They are of the opinion that a strong economy is not likely to be subjected to manipulation. Their political agenda Putin’s political agenda is demonstrated in a number of moves that are intended to reduce uncertainty as who will contest the presidency of Russia the moment he will step down. He will go on to control the country’s election even on finishing his term which is seen as a good move because it will foster political stability a nd reduce political tensions. Putin adopted a strategy that was called the zero option. This was geared towards prohibition on the redistribution of property as well as prohibition of any kind of prosecution of those perceived to have taken part in the privatization. Putin believed that what posed the greatest threat to Russia’s strategic stability was the American unilateralism. He wanted an assurance that United States would always act in a multi lateral fashion as opposed to its usual ways of pursuing its own national interest and in the process interfere with national interests of other countries Russia included. Putin was elected the Russian president in January 2000. His pledge was that he would bring stability and order in Russia as well as initiate a process that would restore Russia to its initial greatness. His political agenda was to unify the Russian Society, bring stability to the Russian economy as well as strengthen the country. He wanted to ensure a calm inter national environment which he viewed as the key to Russia’s goal of rebuilding. Putin made impression in the process of restoring the country’s stability domestically through a variety of methods. His agenda was to pursue a program based on careful as well as consistent economic and administrative reforms. These changes were premised on; quashing any kind of political opposition as well as establishing the central government’s authority. To achieve this he had to put in place a stable economic platform. This is why the country’s GDP continued to grow, enabling Russia to pay for its budget being the first Soviet Union country to be able to do so. Before he was elected Ahmadinejad was a very little known political figure. Since his election in 2005 he has made notable attempts to revive the populist policies that characterize The Islamic Revolution in earlier days. This is characterized by his political style of confrontation. His authoritarianism coupled w ith the many incendiary comments that he made against the United States as well as Israel. These remarks have made him a figure viewed as very controversial. Ahmadinejad’ administration is very vocal in its attempt at promoting an agenda that is Pan-Islamic as well as driving the influence of Iran in regional matters. As a result he has received dominance over western media as one of the up-coming leader from the developing world and keen on challenging global order that is being led by America. His ideals and rhetoric are purely populist. They

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Assignment one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Assignment one - Essay Example It has been observed that currently, tax laws are drafted in such a manner that they can reduce possibilities of tax avoidance. However, tax planning also paves way for lessening tax liability. The difference between tax avoidance and evasion is highlighted in the report along with appropriate examples. The report also elaborates on failure of the UK tax system, which attempted to equalise tax policies for all income group. The reason why taxation policies of UK are influenced by international and EU policies are depicted in the report. The methods are practised for reducing amount of tax paid by people. The main difference between the methods is that one employs legal means; whereas, the other is illegal and can be referred as tax fraud. The professionals, who are engaged in the documentation, help individuals in employing such illegal means for cutting down tax liability, which is highly penalized. Tax avoidance is referred as the â€Å"legal exploitation of tax regime to ones own advantage† (Azimuddin Law Associates, 2013). The attempt is undertaken in order to reduce tax amount, which are payable as per the tax laws and are fully disclosed in documents to tax authorities. The examples of tax avoidance can be cited as tax deductions and modifying business structure by incorporating or establishing an offshore for a company in tax haven (Simplified Finance, 2014; Azimuddin Law Associates, 2013). Tax evasion is referred as illegal practice for escaping tax. In this process, taxable income, profit that is liable for tax or other activities for taxation is hidden. The amount of income is misrepresented or the tax reducing factors like, exemptions or credits and deductions, are purposely overstated. The method can be regarded as an isolated incident within legal activities. Tax evasion occurs in informal economy, where illegal activities are extensively prevalent. This indicates the fact that the

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Speech on Dicken and Chandler or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On Dicken and Chandler - Speech or Presentation Example The multinational companies do not always fulfil their share of bargain of developing the country they are in economically (Dicken, 2010) and this becomes a great challenge to the local people. In order for the government to ensure that their people benefit from the revenue and work by the multinational companies, they should insist on being shareholders in the project as well as provide its own set of conditions before allowing the company to set base in the nation. By the companies including the local people, it will mean that soon the locals will have knowledge, expertise and financial means to start their own businesses which will contribute towards competitiveness as well as building up industries (Reich, 2010). The more the multinational companies set camp in the country, the more the revenue will be collected and the more the national competition will be on the increase. The more the revenue is generated by the companies which goes to the government, the more the government wi ll be in a position to build its own industries as well as develop the others already present and modernize them. This will be possible only if the human capital is being fully utilized as well as the managers and top officials of the government are coordinating with each other.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson was truly one of our great geniuses (Hodgins 212). Born in Boston in 1803, Emerson struggled through childhood to then graduate from Harvard at 18 years old. He had been through death, poverty, and struggle his whole life until marrying Lydia Jackson. As he began to preach, his life took a pivotal turn to change into transcendentalism. Transcendentalism, a belief in a reality higher than in everyday life that man could achieve, has many qualities to it. People who follow this are glorified by nature, free to express themselves, and have high morals. To reach this higher reality of transcendentalism, one must use their mind and think through their intuition. Instead of looking to science for the reasoning of what happens in life, all reasons are looked into thy self. Emerson was a major leader of Transcendentalism. Emersons works related to the philosophical being of man and he can work towards change, whether its in himself or the world around him. Emersons purposes seem vague until proven otherwise. Emerson devoted his life to the research of his own beliefs. Emerson was greatly influenced by all the things that surrounded him in his life. Emerson has no distinct style to his work; he wrote everything from sermons to poetry. Emerson presented his ideas in a very expressive manner, one of the qualities of being a Transcendentalist. He wrote on many concerns of his including nature, society, conspiracy and freedom. After visiting Britain, he realized he needed to work towards eliminate slavery. His beliefs were to work toward change which came out through his works. Ralph Waldo Emerson put all of these ideas together in his essay The American Scholar.† He presented it before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard. The essay consists of three things that the scholar can learn from. In the first section he talks about learning from resources, like nature, books, and experience. The next section explains how the scholar can use himself to learn from, using trust and intuition. The last section talks about learning from the pasts mistakes and how the American Scholar needs to develop into its own self away from Britain. Emerson explains that the scholar can be very confused by nature until he completely understands it and is surrounded by it. The scholar learns in nature how everything is connected to each other. He sees that the trees sprout from roots, leaves grow on trees, and so on. Emerson then has the man, or scholar, classify all the things around him. This helps simplify everything to the man. â€Å"There is never a beginning, there is never an end to the inexplicable continuity of this web of God, but always circular power returning into itself.† This quote explains the connection between nature and the mind. They are both things that are continuous and can be filled with great beauty. He then shows how classification starts when the man is young. â€Å"To the young mind, everything is individual, stands by itself.† Even when man is young, he breaks everything down into simpler things. Man then believes â€Å"that he and it (nature) proceed from one root; one is leaf and one is flower.† This is the opposite of the relationship between nature and man, but man will realize this on his own. â€Å"He shall see that nature is the opposite of the soul. Its laws are the laws of his own mind.† Emerson then goes on to discuss how we can use books. â€Å"Books are the best things, well used; abused, among the worst.† He believes that they should be for trying to find out past information and nothing more. He doesnt think that books are completely accurate and that man needs to form his own opinion of what happened based off all of the information formed by other men who wrote the books. â€Å"The scholar of the first age, received into him the world around; brooded thereon; gave it the new arrangement of his own mind, and uttered it again.† Emerson doesnt want man to solely base his thoughts of the books. â€Å"Instead of Man Thinking, we have the bookworm.† It is a never ending cycle that man must create his own ideas from others ideas and so on. Emerson believes that the use we can find in books. He thinks that man can learn once he uses his own mind and has his own thoughts. â€Å"They look backward and not forward. But genius always looks forward. The eyes of man are set in his forehead, not in his hind head.† Emerson states how books are always referring to the past while mane needs to be looking forward to the future. â€Å"Man hopes. Genius creates.† This all leads Emerson to thinking that all men can become a genius by thinking with his own mind. â€Å"Genius is the sufficiently enemy of the genius by over-influence.† He doesnt believe that everyone should be a genius since its not always a good thing. Emerson says that â€Å"books are for the scholars idle times† and the only subjects that man should learn from reading are history and exact science. Although not as important, the scholar must also take action. He must fill each and every moment of the day. The scholar should work different jobs and learn new professions. Then he will learn new languages in which to illustrate his thoughts. The scholar should teach his knowledge to men, teach them facts versus appearances. To do this, the scholar must trust himself, never willing to give in to popular opinion. He should never seek money or power, or let either sway his judgment. His actions are a reflection of his character, and character is higher than intellect.† â€Å"Action is with the scholar subordinate, but it is essential. Without it, he is not yet man†¦ inaction is cowardice, but there can be no scholar without the heroic mind.† Emerson wants the scholar to learn but question everything. â€Å"The true scholar grudges every opportunity of action past by, as a loss of power.† Emerson also places a value on action. â€Å"The final value of action†¦is, that it is a resource.† Through action man has transformed himself into Man Thinking. â€Å"The mind now thinks; now acts; and each fit reproduces the other†¦he has always the resource to live.† In â€Å"Self-Reliance† Emerson expresses his optimistic faith in the power of the individual achievement and originality. In â€Å"Nature† Emerson considers the over arching need to discover and develop a relationship with nature and God. Emerson also explains that the human sense of beauty depends on seeing things in relation to the â€Å"perfect whole† in his poem â€Å"Each and All.† In â€Å"Self-Reliance,† â€Å"Nature,† and â€Å"Each and All,† Emerson strived to stress his beliefs in individuality, and his strong connection with nature, beauty, and God. â€Å"Self-Reliance† is Emersons strongest statement of his philosophy of individualism. What he is preaching was the presence of divine spirit in every individual. Emerson stressed the importance of being and believing in ones self and discouraged the copying of anothers image. Emerson also reveals the insignificance of consistency which clutters and clouds the mind, â€Å"A foolish consistency is the hobglobin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.† Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. This quotation forms the closing two lines of Ralph Waldo Emersons Self Reliance. Trust thyself was his advice and many Americans listened. They not only listened in Emersons lifetime, but his individualistic concepts have reverberated up to the present time. Emerson believes that a man should not be what he is not. There is a time in every mans education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; that imitation is suicide. If a man is envious of other people, he will ignore all merits of himself. If a man imitates other people, he will lose his identity like suicide. It is common to find a woman like me envious of other people. Emerson is ultimately fascinated with the relation of the individual to the natural world. In â€Å"Nature† he described the feeling of unity with all beings, as he became â€Å"part or parcel of God.† Emerson feels that nature could take away egoism and repair all problems: â€Å"†¦In the woods we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life no disgrace, no calamity (leaving me my eyes), which nature cannot repair. Standing on the bare ground- my head bathed by the blithe air, and uplifted into infinite space- all mean egoism vanishes.† In those sentences Emerson is explaining that nature is so peaceful that you forget about everything else. That nothing can come between you and the natural world. No disgrace, no calamity nothing that nature can repair. Emerson also wrote, â€Å"In the tranquil landscape, and especially in the distant line of the horizon, man beholds somewhat as beautiful as his own nature,† meaning t hat if a man would search deeply enough within himself he would find something as powerful and beautiful as nature to God, and felt the more connected one was to their environment and surroundings, the closer one would be to God. Lastly, Emerson believes that everything is created somehow fits together to from something he called the â€Å"perfect whole.† In â€Å"Each in All† Emerson explains that an object was not beautiful by itself. It needs its surroundings to have beauty and magnificence: â€Å"†¦The delicate shells lay on the shore; The bubbles of the latest wave Fresh pearls to their enamel gave, And the bellowing of the savage sea Greeted their escape to me. I wiped away the weeds and foam; I fetch my sea-born treasure home; But the poor unsightly, noisome things Had left their beauty on the shore With the sun and the sand and the wild uproar.† â€Å"Each and All† illustrates a transformation that Emerson took, changing from a disappointed and cheated young boy to a man who learns to appreciate the beautiful world in which he lives, â€Å"Again I saw, again I heard, the rolling river, the mourning bird. Beauty through my senses stole, I yielded myself to the perfect whole.† (Pg. 194-195) Ralph Waldo Emerson s transcendentalism beliefs all were most evident in his essays poems, and speeches. I n most famous publications, he expresses his optimistic faith in the power of the individual, the power of beauty and nature, and the power of God and human intuition. His awareness and effort that he puts toward the true meanings in life cause him to become one of the most influential and respected leaders of the transcendentalist era. Hodgins, Francis. ed. Adventures in American Literature. Orlando: Harcourt, 1989. Self reliance American scholar Nature Each in all

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Candlelight Dreams :: essays research papers

My older friend next door once told me that if I shut my eyes and blew on a candle, all of my wishes would come true... I used to believe her and go around the house candle hunting. How my parents must have laughed to see me scrambling around the furniture, picking up the candles around the room , and blowing the little flame out until my cheeks hurt.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I made the most outrageous wishes. I wished to own a monkey, a horse, and a dragon; I wished to grow-up and be just like Sailor Moon. And, of course, I wished for a thousand more wishes so I would never run out.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  I always believed my wishes would come true. When they didn’t, I ran next door and demanded and explanation. She laughed and said I just hadn’t done it right. â€Å"Hadn’t done it right?,† I would say. â€Å"Then how should I do it?† â€Å"It only works if you do it a certain way,† she told me with a little smile, â€Å"but you’ll have to figure that out by yourself.† I watched her with wide, admiring eyes and thought she must be right. She was ten years older than me and knew the ways of the world; nothing she said could be wrong. I went back and tried again. Time passed, and I grew older. My â€Å"perfect† friend started spending less and less time with me†¦.got busier and busier. Distressed by the scant attention I received from her, I spent most of my time staring out the window. I wondered what she was doing, where she was, and if she was having fun. Occasionally, I would wander around the home, blowing out a few candles, wishing for my friend to be how she used to be. Each time I hoped desperately that I had done it the right way and that the wish would come true. But it never happened. After a while, I gave up—not only on my friend—but on the candles as well. Distress had turned into anger and then to rejection of my friend and every thing she had told me. The old dreamer within me vanished and was replaced by a harsh teenage cynic who told me over and over that I should have known better than to believe in free wishes. It chided me for my past belief in dragons and laughed at the thought of my growing up to be a five foot ten, make-believe, Sailor Moon.

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Animal Cruelty Intresting Introduction to Speech

Cages upon cages are stacked in a plain room. Each contains a monkey that will live there the rest of its life which could be years or days away. From isolation and insanity they pace round and round in circles. When they are taken out different tests are performed on them. Among these brutal experiments, is being shoved in tubes to be bled, having tubes shoved down their throats, and being painfully injected several times. These animals will never be free. Human clinical and epidemiological studies, cadavers, and computer simulators are faster, more reliable, less expensive, and more humane than animal tests.Ingenious scientists have developed a model â€Å"microbrain† from human brain cells to study tumors, as well as artificial skin and bone marrow. We can now test for skin irritancy on cells in a test tube, produce vaccines from human cell cultures, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples instead of killing rabbits. Says Gordon Baxter, cofounder of Pharmagene Labor atories, a drug research company that uses only human tissues and computers to develop and test drugs, â€Å"If you have information on human genes, what’s the point of going back to animals? â€Å"Every year around 1 million animals are subjected to potentially dangerous drugs that may cause severe pain both physically and psychologically to the animal. Can you not see the irony in this? Every year around 1 million animals are subjected to potentially dangerous drugs that may cause severe pain both physically and psychologically to the animal. Visualize the pumping of chemicals into a rats' stomach, hacking muscle tissue from dogs', and putting baby monkeys in isolation chambers far from their mothers. Is there a purpose for this? When picking out your mascara or eyeliner, do you even stop to see what kind of makeup you are using?You could be supporting animal cruelty and not even know it. Today many makeup products, such as mascara, are being tested on animals. Helpless a nd defenseless animals are being performed on for different types of experiments all around the world. Animal testing is animal cruelty. It's something that goes unnoticed every day because of the benefits for people that are a result of it. You are most likely connected with it every day; it's the new cosmetic line that you just bought, your shampoo you use daily, or maybe even a vaccine. It's something that's overshadowed by advancements in the medical field.

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shores of the gulf

shores of the gulf Ryan BullisEng 1319/25/14Shores of the GulfEveryone has an amazing vacation that will never seem to forget. Gulf shores, Alabama is an extravagant place that my family and I take a trip to every other year. It is the place where I can go to leave all of my troubles; the place where I could sit forever and stare into the deepest blue you will ever see. This place is the ocean. The beach is where I was able to enjoy myself to the fullest. The environment was enlightening. Everything from the place we stayed to the people I met made this experience unforgettable.As I sit down on the sand, my mind begins to unwind. The many spectacular sights jump up into my sight. As far as I can see, my sight is turquoise water. Looking farther out, I see dolphins peaking out of the water. I cannot help but to think to myself how it would feel to be so careless and free. Their gray color shimmers a fiery orange from the bright sky. Relaxing a bit more, I become more aware of the sedating sounds around me. The sea gulls seem to be talking to each other while they skim the shore. The ocean's tide crashes, making a steady beat that quickly forms a song like rhythm. The massive waves become a comforting sound, caressing my ears.Standing up, I can feel the sun's rays embrace my skin. While walking down the shore, my body becomes consumed with chills as the grainy, wet sand squishes between my toes. The wind blows ever so softly and tousles my hair away from my face. This same breeze glides across my skin, keeping it pleasantly warm making me feel as if it is hugging me warmly.The horizon of the beach stretched across my entire field of view in the most spectacular fashion. The massive plain of crystal clear water is all I could see ahead of me. The beautiful color which seemed to be a mix of pink and orange fills the dark blue sky and colors the cotton like clouds. Looking up, you can see the sea gulls circle in the air. The calm ocean reflects this fascinating color in the way which only it can. The smell which these waves conjure is rather soft and salty, which is so luscious.As the sun is setting, the sky becomes a pleasant purple color and the stars start to become visible. The sea gulls are flying towards the last rays of the glowing sun, off into the ocean. The waves are calming down and are slowly creeping up onto shore. The warmth of the air is beginning to be replaced by a subtle chill. As time passes, the sky progressively becomes a black, almost looking like a dark void. The wind is picking up in strength and the deathly cold it brings seems to replace your spine with ice. The sea gulls are all gone, but their cries become just a whisper.A flock of Laughing Gulls on the beach at Atlantic...

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The Rwandan Genocide essays

The Rwandan Genocide essays Sacrifice as Terror is witnessed from an anthropologist's perspective. This book, by Christopher C. Taylor, attempts to find reasoning for such a horrible consequence of genocide. He struggles to interpret the meaning of terror in another cultures eyes. What grounds could lead a culture to the genocide of another, especially two that are so relatively close? Taylor challenges this question by writing on his experiences during his two-year visit to (1993-1994) Rwanda. Genocide is not uncommon, he discovers. It is something that the Jews, Gypsies, and Bosnians have experienced. The author introduces the book by telling his personal experiences in efforts to share the terror that he encountered. After the introduction, in a non-biased fashion, Taylor is trying to capture and explain the concept of mass violence. The atrocities that took place during the Rwandan genocide showed how sacrifice and terror are culturally defined. This topic is appropriate because it helps gain insig ht of conflict within culture. This story of ethnic conflict begins with two small African countries of Rwanda and Burundi. About 80-85% were Hutu, 15-20% were Tutsi, and less than 1% were Twa. The Twa was the lowest class, and they were often short or stocky. Above the Twa were the Hutu. The Hutu were of mid-height and average weight. The reigning class was the Tutsi. The Tutsi were very tall, thin, and small featured. Taylor discusses the ideology of the Rwandan extremist, which is the 'Hamitic hypothesis.' The Hamatic Hypothesis, which was a European influence made way for radicals to create ethnic stereotypes. Hutu and the Tutsi began to conceive and carry out these thoughts. German Colonists decided to rule (Ruanda-Urundi) Rwanda and Burundi by means of the Tutsi. This went on for 20 years. The Europeans helped in the rise of the Tutsi. This oppressed the two lower classes, the Hutu and the Twa. The Hutu reformed their way of th...

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The Future of IT and Paradigm Shift Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Future of IT and Paradigm Shift - Term Paper Example In fact, the majority of business organizations have started marketing and advertisement of their products and services to customers by means of broadcasting media. On the other hand, the customers are now seen as the receivers of products who can actively respond with regards to promotion, segmentation, and distribution. In addition, through a potential increase in the division of labor, interest of businesses as well as protecting distribution channels, the trade with customers is frequently indirect as well as monetized, and it has only happened due to the ever-increasing adoption of new technology-based platforms and arrangements. It is an admitted fact that because of growing complexities and competitiveness of these days’ business environment, the focus is shifting from the producer to the consumer and offering them a great deal more improved services. In this scenario, the information technology is playing a significant role and helps the business organizations in achie ving these goals (Korhonen, 2010; Norton, 2001; Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). This paper will discuss the role of information technology in today’s business environment. ... According to their viewpoint, effective and supportive technology based shifts are essential for the reason that significant transformations in veracity demand a shift in conceptualization. For instance, when the 20th century began the demonstration of science started to increase problems those were not simply explained by Newtonian physics. In order to resolve this issue, a new paradigm is known as â€Å"Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity† appeared as a novel and more wide-ranging theory and structure to clarify the new certainties. Additionally, the idea of a paradigm shift was initially initiated by a philosopher and science historian Thomas Kuhn through his book, which was published in 1962 (Tapscott & Caston, 1994; EIE, 2003; Somani & Kher, 2006). In addition, similar to a new enterprise of the venture, the new technology paradigm also demands variations. Same as an innovative enterprise it is open as well as networked. Additionally, it works approximately similar to people do, as it pays no attention to boundaries between text, data, voice and image and works like a bridge between team members in a team-oriented company. Also, it smudged walls among enterprises by allowing them to effectively communicate with outside associations. The most important advantage of this technology shift is that it has developed to the point where it is easily accessible and reasonably priced. In view of the fact the longer a business organization waits to decide and implement a change the more, it has to spend, no matter in the short term.

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Governance in Africa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Governance in Africa - Essay Example Dictatorship is one of the major governance issues attracting attention from researchers, sociologists, political scientists, unions, economists and other leaders from other parts of the world. African countries have been facing dictatorship ruling in governance since the end of colonization. The term dictatorship originated from the Latin word dictatura, meaning a dictation. Many writers have defined the dictatorship in different ways. For instance, according to Bobbio (1), dictatorship refers to a system of governance that result to exploitation of working population. Dictatorship refers to illegitimate form of governance. A general definition describes dictatorship as a governance system where absolute power is held by a small group of people or a dictator. All authority originates from a single person or a small group of people. The common form of dictatorship evidenced in several countries, in Africa is despotism dictatorship. In this form of dictatorship, a single entity of governance in the country exists with absolute power. The origin of dictatorship in Africa can be traced after the World War II. During the Second World War, many Africans were deployed and taken to war fields in different countries. These people gained experience and skills of fighting the Europeans. Later after they retrieved from war fields, they organized themselves in different ways to fight the Europeans in acquisition of independent. After African states became independent first leaders acquired absolute power over citizens and some became dictators. According to Brucker (1), African dictatorship originated as a form of violent rule in the first thirty years of African independence after the end of European colonization. However, the violent rule decreased in 1990s after a large number of African countries adopted democratic rul e. Some states are still under dictatorship rule up to date. A number of factors have