Thursday, November 21, 2019

Compare And Contrast The Political Agendas Of Putin And Ahmadinejad Term Paper

Compare And Contrast The Political Agendas Of Putin And Ahmadinejad - Term Paper Example They are geared towards ensuring that the lives of their ordinary citizens are completely transformed economically as well as politically. Moreover, they are completely opposed to the west’s dominance over the global affairs. They view this dominance as primarily geared towards protecting the interests of the west at the expense of other world countries. It is in the light of the feeling that they all want to salvage their countries from this influence. They intend to achieve this by building a strong economy base in the country. They are of the opinion that a strong economy is not likely to be subjected to manipulation. Their political agenda Putin’s political agenda is demonstrated in a number of moves that are intended to reduce uncertainty as who will contest the presidency of Russia the moment he will step down. He will go on to control the country’s election even on finishing his term which is seen as a good move because it will foster political stability a nd reduce political tensions. Putin adopted a strategy that was called the zero option. This was geared towards prohibition on the redistribution of property as well as prohibition of any kind of prosecution of those perceived to have taken part in the privatization. Putin believed that what posed the greatest threat to Russia’s strategic stability was the American unilateralism. He wanted an assurance that United States would always act in a multi lateral fashion as opposed to its usual ways of pursuing its own national interest and in the process interfere with national interests of other countries Russia included. Putin was elected the Russian president in January 2000. His pledge was that he would bring stability and order in Russia as well as initiate a process that would restore Russia to its initial greatness. His political agenda was to unify the Russian Society, bring stability to the Russian economy as well as strengthen the country. He wanted to ensure a calm inter national environment which he viewed as the key to Russia’s goal of rebuilding. Putin made impression in the process of restoring the country’s stability domestically through a variety of methods. His agenda was to pursue a program based on careful as well as consistent economic and administrative reforms. These changes were premised on; quashing any kind of political opposition as well as establishing the central government’s authority. To achieve this he had to put in place a stable economic platform. This is why the country’s GDP continued to grow, enabling Russia to pay for its budget being the first Soviet Union country to be able to do so. Before he was elected Ahmadinejad was a very little known political figure. Since his election in 2005 he has made notable attempts to revive the populist policies that characterize The Islamic Revolution in earlier days. This is characterized by his political style of confrontation. His authoritarianism coupled w ith the many incendiary comments that he made against the United States as well as Israel. These remarks have made him a figure viewed as very controversial. Ahmadinejad’ administration is very vocal in its attempt at promoting an agenda that is Pan-Islamic as well as driving the influence of Iran in regional matters. As a result he has received dominance over western media as one of the up-coming leader from the developing world and keen on challenging global order that is being led by America. His ideals and rhetoric are purely populist. They

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