Monday, November 18, 2019

Speech on Dicken and Chandler or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

On Dicken and Chandler - Speech or Presentation Example The multinational companies do not always fulfil their share of bargain of developing the country they are in economically (Dicken, 2010) and this becomes a great challenge to the local people. In order for the government to ensure that their people benefit from the revenue and work by the multinational companies, they should insist on being shareholders in the project as well as provide its own set of conditions before allowing the company to set base in the nation. By the companies including the local people, it will mean that soon the locals will have knowledge, expertise and financial means to start their own businesses which will contribute towards competitiveness as well as building up industries (Reich, 2010). The more the multinational companies set camp in the country, the more the revenue will be collected and the more the national competition will be on the increase. The more the revenue is generated by the companies which goes to the government, the more the government wi ll be in a position to build its own industries as well as develop the others already present and modernize them. This will be possible only if the human capital is being fully utilized as well as the managers and top officials of the government are coordinating with each other.

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