Thursday, October 17, 2019

Sustainable Housing - The Greenest Building is the One Already Built Dissertation

Sustainable Housing - The Greenest Building is the One Already Built - Dissertation Example His constant help and support acted as a source of motivation along with adding value to the research process. The researcher would also like to thank her professors for helping and supporting through their knowledge and guidance that reflected in underpinning the research topic in a succinct manner. The support and cooperation of the University administrators cannot be ignored in terms of allowing access to the library and other electronic sources that further helped in adding great value to the research. The researcher was lucky enough to be supported by his friends in terms of brainstorming on the research topic resulting in multiple ideas and thoughts that further helped in adding depth to the research topic. Moreover, the support of family further added enthusiasm and confidence that resulted in motivation to achieve the desired feat in a systematic manner. Overall, it can be said that with the support and cooperation of many people, the researcher was successful in conducting t he research that helped in achieving the purposed aim and objectives. The research that once started with an idea was fully supported above mentioned people and the researcher feel great in acknowledging their support and cooperation level. ... The literature review underpinned various issues like sustainability housing, the current unsustainability, re-use of existing buildings, measures being taken for sustainable housing and useful and logical use of existing buildings. In order to further underpin the literature findings; research methodology was used based on identifying and cross checking the concept of sustainable housing. For this purpose, anti-positivism research philosophy and inductive research approach was used followed by conducting in-depth interviews on local authorities for historic information on sustainable housing and effects on the environment. The findings revealed that the concept of sustainable housing is quite contradictory as buildings can be environment friendly but no building can be fully environmental friendly. Moreover, with the construction of new buildings and use of new technologies and gadgets, there is further release of chemicals and energy that is harmful to the environment. Based on the above findings, it was concluded that sustainable housing can only exist when people and local authorities are environment friendly. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1.Introduction 5 1.1 Introduction 5 1.2 Research Aim 6 1.3 Research Objectives 6 1.4 Research Questions 6 1.5 Rationale for the Research Topic 7 1.6 Scope of the Research 7 1.7: Purposed Methodology 8 1.8: Limitations 8 1.9: Structure of the Dissertation 9 1.10: Summary 10 Chapter 2.0 Literature Review 11 2.1 Introduction 11 2.2 Sustainable Housing 11 2.3 The Current Unsustainability 12 2.4 Re-using Existing Resources 13 2.5 Recent Changes in Sustainable Housing 14 2.6 Operations and Maintaiennce Optimisation 15 2.7 Summary 16 Chapter 3.0

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