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Essay on the move The Hut Locker Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

On the move The Hut Locker - Essay Example Discussion Throughout the movie, there are signs that James does not look upon his job as something that he has to do, or something that he does not enjoy doing. It does not even imply that his job is something that he takes seriously.. Therefore, this points to the job being an addiction – James does it because he gets a thrill out of it. Moreover, he takes chances that he shouldn't be taking, just like an addict would take too many drugs, or gamble too much, or engage in other kinds of behavior that is unreasonably hazardous to one's well-being. When we first meet James, there is already an inkling that is a guy who enjoys taking chances – he asks Sanborn to help him move a wood that is by the window, even though Sanborn states that the wood is there to keep out snipers. They move the wood, anyhow, because Sanborn wants to see outside. This small move is a sign of things to come, as James takes increasingly risky chances with his life and the lives of his men. In the very next scene, James shows, once again, that he is more reckless than he should be. He goes to investigate an IED, instead of having a robot go and investigate it. Sanborn is dismayed by this, reasoning that the robot is halfway there, and that James shouldn't go down there until the robot has a chance to find out about the suspicious device. Sanborn decides right then that James is reckless, stating that James is reckless, when Owen calls James â€Å"rowdy.† Then, James, as he approaches the IED does not respond to Sanborn's entreaties to keep him, Sanborn, posted on what he, James, is doing. His actions end up endangering the men, as a suspicious taxi driver causes a commotion that makes everybody on edge. As James approaches the IED, it is obvious that he does not feel the danger in what he is doing – he is way too casual about it, and ends up making jokes that Sanborn and others do not find funny. The inescapable conclusion is that he feels the need to investigag e the IED because this is something that gives him a type of high - he wants to do it, and the danger of the situation is something that he looks forward to. This is obvious by the way that he approaches the situation not with trepidation, but with zeal. Sanborn immediately figures that there is something not quite right with James. After James acted recklessly the day before, Sanborn states that he, Sanborn, was in intelligence and that he could read James and James' motivation. He immediately senses that James is the type of person that will get him killed, as well as get himself killed. Again, the inescapable conclusion is that James is enjoying himself. Even when Sanborn calls him on his reckless nature, James doesn't seem to care. Sanborn clearly has the demeanor of somebody who is in the job not because he loves it or is addicted to it, but because it is a job and he no doubt believes in the job. As such, he recognizes the danger in situation, and he reacts with alarm to dange rous situations. He believes in taking every precaution. James, however, is clearly not only enjoying himself, but seems to take a thrill out of danger. The next scene where this is shown is where James is disarming a vehicle. He took his helmet off, even though this act of taking off his helmet was met with alarm by Owen. James reasons that if he is going to die, he is going to die comfortable. Therefore, this is yet another instance where

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