Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 32

Management - Essay Example For exmaple: the goods are passed on by the manufacturer to the wholeseller in bluk form, the goods are then broken down into units by the wholeseller and passed on to the retailer, the retailer further breaks down the units opf products and sells them to the customer. A manufacturer needs to consider various factors while deciding about the channel of distribution through which the product will reach the customer. These factors include the price, technicality, size and shape of the product. The manufacturer even pays emphasis to the channel of distribution selected by the competitors and other factors include size of the customer, production channel expenditure and the setting where the manufacturing outlet is located. While selecting the channel of distribution, managers have to ensure that the goods are easily accesible and always available to the customers disposle. This factor needs to be given importance because if a good or service is not easily acceible, custonmers tend to lo ok for other alternatives and close substitute. One of the main element within the process of marketing is advertising, advertising is just an element and can not be replaced with the marketing process, but it is a key element and impacts other parts of the marketing process. Advertising is used by marketers to create an image which is favorable and which the marketers want to create in the eyes of the customer (Plessis 93). Advertising is used in various stages of the marketing process in order to shape a favorable image. Marketers use advertsiing of price to create an image of the product, prices are set high to create an image of product which is of high quality and prices are set low to create an image of an inexpensive but high quality product. Low pricing can back fire as low prices create an image of a low quality product. Makrters even use the place of advertising to create an image of the product, if the product is not easily avilable and is availble in specific

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