Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Legislator Letter & Outline Summary (2 parts to assignment) Coursework

Legislator Letter & Outline Summary (2 parts to assignment) - Coursework Example For instance, when there are more health personnel to handle the patients’ issues, it means more people will access the vital health care service and reduce time wasted waiting to for services. My intent to write to you is because I know you have a significant influence toward the amendment of this bill; thus, I urge you to support the bill and bolster healthcare service delivery. The residents of Boston will for sure benefit from improved services due to an addition of more APRNs and physicians. For example, section 3401 of the H. R. 1907 bill suggests that there shall be a minimum number of nurses required regarding hospital staffing (NARA, 2014). The case will ensure that all hospitals will have a minimum number of healthcare personnel that serve patients. Therefore, I am requesting you to support Bill H. R. 1907 to enable more healthcare professionals into the healthcare system to strengthen delivery of the services.I will appreciate your support of this bill since it will permit a considerable access to quick, quality, and safeservices Thank you for taking your precious time to read my letter and I hope you will support this H. R. 1907 bill to enhance healthcare service delivery in our state. I am looking forward to your response regarding the bill. Thank you once again. There was no response to my letter. Assumedly, this happened because the letter failed to detail on a planned visit to the local or Austin. For future contact with the legislator, I prefer planning and writing the letter in time to allow for a prompt reply. Besides, it is important to prepare for a physical visit and interact on a personal basis with the policy maker. My reaction towards the issue of writing letters to the legislators is to know why some letters go unanswered yet they may be having excellent suggestions that can help to enhance healthcare system within the country. Assuredly, it was exciting to compose a letter that would establish imperative

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