Monday, June 10, 2019

Transformational Change Management Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Transformational Change Management Plan - Essay ExampleApple is an the Statesn tech big and a multinational corporation whose headquarters is in Cupertino in California, USA. Apple is in the business of designing, developing and selling computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and online services. So as to save time and cut costs, Apple normally outsources thousands of its manufacturing jobs to such countries as China, Mongolia, Taiwan and Korea. Thus the manufacturing of high-tech products such as iPhone has steadily moved to Asia from the US over the past decades. Thus, Apple, considered, a market leader in the smartphone industry in regard to manufacturing, is totally dependent on outsourcing/offshoring manufacturing, especially in China-a comparatively low cost nation (Moyer, 2012).Apples stakeholders welcomed the move since the company tremendously reduced its manufacturing time and cost, two very critical elements in the lifeline of any company. Thus, in 20 07, when Apples founder Steve Jobs needed a glass screen for the iPhone barely a few weeks before its launch, suppliers in America claimed it was not possible. Nevertheless, a factory in China, built a dormitory even before any contract was signed so that its workers could start a 12-hour shift. After the sealing of the deal, 8,000 employees were woken from sleep, provided with tea and biscuit and began fixing glass screens into the iPhone so as to produce ten thousand iPhones on a daily basis. That is how a Chinese factory helped save the situation by revamping manufacturing of the iPhone barely weeks before it appeared on shelves. Eventually, Apple had redesigned the screen of the iPhone at the last minute, resulting in an overhaul of the lying line. New Screens started arriving at the factory near midnight. Apple executives were impressed by the flexibility and speed which no American factory could match. Thus,

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