Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Analysis of the Movie Exorcist Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis of the Movie Exorcist - Essay ExampleThe documentary-like and gritty feel of the cinema also gives an added realistic mood and that might signify the reality of everyday life.Damien Karras is the main character who is both a psychiatrist and a priest. He is portrayed as a torn man with doubts that are wiped away once he confronts the Devil. The scene where he visits Regan and records her growling voice while speaking to individually other in Latin is probably the only humorously peculiar scene in the entire photographThe tr finale towards more graphic craze in movies parallels the transition of the general viewing audience to a higher shock level. The audience is shocked by physical harm for instance fist fights or slapping, movie monsters like demon Pazuzu, urination scenes and vomit, gratuitous blood scenes. These scenes are supported with green projectile vomit, spinning heads, shaking beds and gross makeup. The movie is full of graphic domestic violence, documentar y film violence (executions and accidents) and the desecration of the Virgin Mary. Expansive landscapes of death and demons walking like horrible spiders add the effect of the Beyond.From the emergence of the Hammer horrors on films have shocked the audience further by the fact that evil is so often allowed to triumph at the end of more recent films is as much connected with this change in the tolerance threshold as with the incidence of a darker, more pessimistic view on life. Sound effects play an important role in heating up the atmosphere of constant horror.For instance, the slingshot sound effect and shadows fashion the impression of something terrible and unknown.

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