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Indigenous peoples of the Americas

Reading assignments and class presentations and discussions be organized chronologic completelyy and by themes. The topics to be considered Include political history, economical and social developments, and labor gyrations. All memorializeing assignments give be from the mandatory texts and supplementary materials that will be distributed In class as handouts or posted on Blackboard. Learning Outcomes This course will provide students with a basic understanding of the history of the Caribbean, especially from the fresh nineteenth century to the present.Students will gather and assess differing Interpretations about significant events In Caribbean history, such as the demise of the Indigenous population, the Orleans of slavery, the Students will withal have an opportunity to compargon and contrast various(a) Caribbean societies so as to appreciate the many aspects of their shared history, society and culture, as well as the shipway in which these territories differ from each o ther, as well as from the United States. Students will evaluate testify and arguments critically and produce well-reasoned written essays using evidence to support their conclusions. Course Requirements 1.Regular attendance is critical to being successful in this course. Any missed class will cause you to fall behind. More than quaternity (4) absences will military issue in you failing the class. 2. Likewise, class participation is essential to your success in this course. Participation includes coming to class prepared by having read the assigned chapters and articles, and able to discuss them in class. 3. All deadlines for assignments must be met. 4. All exams must be interpreted on the day note in the syllabus. 5. Textbooks and other require texts or reading materials are required for every class meeting, unless otherwise specified.GRADING Four (4) or more absences without Justification may generate an F Grade at the discretion of the instructor. Letter grade Score 4. 0 3. 7 3. 3 3. 0 2. 7 2. 3 2. 0 1. 0 0. 0 Quality points 8+ c 93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 0-76 Failure Your grade for this course will consist of six (6) components 25% Attendance and Class Participation 35% Exams 15% Informal Written Assignments 15% Formal Written Assignment 10% Formal Writing Information Essay and Powering Presentation CLASS attention not be able to attend a class, he/she should notify the instructor either by e-mail or by phone.You are required to be present, on time, and ready to participate. Your voice is crucial for the class to be a success. Absentee Policy More than three (3) absences and/or any lateness will result in a loss of participation credit. Participation credit due to absence/lateness may that be made up through trim credit assignments at the professors discretion. The following factors will result in a lower grade Being unprepared Refusal to Participate Behavioral Problem ripe Assignment CLASS ETIQUETTE All students are expected to arrive o n time and refrain from any talking and eating during lectures.Attendance will be taken the START of each class and only be taken once. Failure to be present during attendance will result in the mark of wanting(p) and WILL NOT BE CHANGED. Asking of questions and participation during discussions is tryingly encouraged. Please note that all electronic devices including cellular phones are prohibited during class at all times. This includes testing. No TEXT messaging during class. Failure to comply with these rules may result in as much as FIVE (5) points taken from that students next exam, or assignment and/or expulsion from the classroom.A copy of CUNY policy on academic integrity will be made available on BLACKBOARD major ASSIGNMENTS Informal and Formal Writing Informal Writing Assignments The informal writing will consist of out of class assignments. These are writing to learn activities. They are based on the understanding that there is a close relationship among writing, think ing, and learning. The instructor will cod and review these assignments. In these informal assignments, students are encouraged to write in narrative form using complete sentences, correct grammar, and accurate so as to improve this skill.In addition, the aim of these activities is to help students light up their thinking on the subjects and issues cover in the readings and class discussions. Daily Chapter Reviews Write 1-2 paragraphs (paragraph 8-10 sentences) Make sure that you note the following Summarize the major arguments, concepts, ideas presented in the chapter read what conclusion the author reaches Indicate details you found particularly interesting important controversial vague or obvious The purpose of this exercise is to blueprint writing on a regular basis so as to improve this skill.In addition, the purpose of this activity is to help students clarify their thinking on the subjects and issues covered in the readings and class sessions. Grades for Daily Chapter Revi ews (5) Student should bring their type daily chapter review for each of the readings. If we cover the same reading a student only has to write about the chapter once. I will collect five (5) of the chapter reviews and drop the lowest grade. I will NOT indicate when I will collect the chapter reviews so students must be prepared to submit their chapter review at the end of every class.Formal Writing Formal Writing Assignment 1 compare and Contrast Essay Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean (3-5 pages) The Taints and Caries established complex social, political and economic systems prior to the conquest of the Americas. In this essay, students will compare and entrants the social, political and economic organization of the Taints and Caries before the arrival of Columbus. Students will also discuss the cultural and religious practices in both communities. Lastly, students will explain how both communities resisted Spanish colonization in the initial years of colonization.Formal Writ ing Writing Assignment 2 Research Paper Rebellion and Resistance in the Caribbean (3-5 pages) From the start of European colonization in the Americas, acts of rebellion and resistance against European conquest consisted of arm resistance, sabotage, subversion and the creation of maroon communities. The establishment of maroon communities threaded the continuity of European dominance and forged alternative social, political, economic, and cultural communities separate from official European colonial centers. In this essay, you will examine the emergence and trajectory of one eighteen-century or ninetieth maroon residential district.You should examine the following Delineate the conditions that led to the emergence of the maroon community Identify the primary leaders of the maroon community community Analyze the successes, triumphs and decline of the maroon community Choose to write about of these maroon communities ) Maroons of Hispanic The Figure of Enrolling 2) Haitian Maroons The Figure of Macdonald 3) Jamaican Eternally township Maroon Formal Writing Assignment 3 Information Essay and Powering Presentation For this assignment, students will have an opportunity to analyze Caribbean Culture and Identity.Write an essay of between two and three pages (500-750 words) in which you explore Caribbean culture and identity of one Caribbean country. Discuss the emergence of Creole culture, impact of slavery and 19th century migration of various groups, and present-day construction of racial identity. You will also a ten- minute Powering presentation to present your findings with the class EXAMS Students will take two (2) exams throughout the semester outlay 100 points each.These exams will require students to apply information from the textbook and the class lecture and will include a combination of multiple-choice, fill-ins, and true-false questions. The dates for the tests are listed on the assignment schedule, but are subject to change due to pacing and/or exten uating circumstances that may arise. Any changes will be noted in class. If youre unsure of an upcoming test date, you would call my office or e-mail me as soon as possible. Your lowest exam grade will be dropped.

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