Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mohatma Ghandi essays

Mohatma Ghandi essays HYPOHESIS- That Ghandis strengths were in being able to combat the unfairness of British rule and in temporarily unifuing a nation of very different people in opposition to the British in order to win independance for India and Pakistan. The country of India was the largest most prestigious possession within the British Empire. Up until World War one the British had never considered giving independence to India. There was a dramatic superior-inferior relationship between the British and the Indians. There was no strong sense of unity in India at this time. One man had the strength to combat the unfairness of British rule and temporarily unify this broken nation to achieve independence for the country. Mohandas Ghandi was a qualified solicitor, studied in London and had been practicing in South Africa where he represented Indian minority settlers. At forty six years of age Ghandi returned to India after WW1. Disgusted at the Rowlatt acts and the Armritsar Affair, Ghandi became determined to free India of both British rule and European influence. The Indian nationalist movement was strong within educated Indians but lacked support of the masses The illiterate Indian peasants were conditioned by centuries of hardship to endure misery and act in obedience to their overlords whoever they might be.(Cowie. p.40) It was almost impossible to influence, persuade or inspire them. Ghandi was the man who would do this. Affectionately given the name Mahatma (great soul), Ghandi condemned all things Western. He claimed true Indian nationalism involved a return to a simplistic peasant society of self supporting workers. To prove his belief to the country and show he was a man of the people he dressed like them, shared their poverty and their simplicity. By this he achieved a great emotional awakening among the masses. The effectiveness of Ghandis leadership by example was due to his ability to d...

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