Friday, October 18, 2019

Week3-3dq3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Week3-3dq3 - Essay Example For the purpose of this paper, it will concentrate on the logical view. As its name suggests, everything should follow what the approach feels is logical, without much deviation. It normally followed the Booch Method; an object oriented language, although Booch has mostly been overtaken by Unified Modeling Language (UML). However, Booch is still being taught at most universities, normally called Rational Booch after the company Grady Booch was working at when he developed the method. Rational has since been acquired by IBM. Salehie points out that the logical view should be used first in the process, during the documentation phase (Ibid 2004). The primary documented approach of the logical view is concerned how the end system interacts or reacts with its stakeholders and what service it would exactly provide. IBM has a software tool called â€Å"Rational Rose† which uses UML. Something like biology, the logical view with Rational Booch uses â€Å"classes† to identify certain architecturally significant items and the classes are further broken down into class diagrams (groups of related classes) and class templates (each template is only concerned with one specific class). Meanwhile, items common to all of the classes are referred to as class utilities. As Kruchten says (1995), â€Å"the numerous adornments are not very useful† during the logical view, referring to a confusing array of symbols. So various standardized symbols are used for simplicity’s sake. Even the lines have a certain significance and the key should explain what each means. As an example, he used the example of a modest PBX telephone system versus the blueprint of a complicated national air traffic control system. Using different symbols, Kruchten was able to document both blueprints using a single one for each (he had many years of experience in both industries). If there is a keyword for the technology of this era, it is

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