Thursday, September 19, 2019

Virtual Reality is more than Reality :: science

Virtual Reality is more than Reality The science of Virtual Reality has stated its presence in the media and now it is turning the eyes to see the new generation of games and 3D application. However, like the Art in the beginning of our modern society it needs to become much more matured than it has proven until now. The types of maturity that I want to talk about are the technology and its use. The technology that we have can be better used in the Virtual Reality fields, as well as the Virtual Reality can be better used as it is used today. In the old type of Virtual Reality, the scientist or the user was focusing more on the ideal image of the real world. Therefore, VR was more like a reflection of the real world or it was intend to be like that. This was in the beginnings! At that time, the technology and the devices were under-developed. They did not support much of high quality graphics and processor power to achieve the desired reflection of the real world nor the input devices. The obvious thing that the scientist or researcher was focusing was on the improvements of the techniques than how to use the technique. We can compare the stage with the early ages in the history of picture art. At that time, the artists were focusing on the technique of making the paintings increasingly accurate. The important outcome was how close was the picture to the real image of the world. After improving the technique, they shifted to more sophisticated techniques in which the outcome was not so much close to the real world but to other aspects of the imagination. The Virtual Reality evolution seems close to the idea presented above. We have now a good technique, and we have gained the technologies to support a good environment for Virtual Reality. What we need is a better usage than we have in our days. Which are: simulations, games and small virtual communities. However, is this all that we can get from this field? Is this all that Virtual Reality has to offer us? I don't think so. I think that it is about time to make research on new types of virtual realities than it was done so far. New types of features that can feed our imagination, feelings and senses much more than we can conceive in real world.

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