Sunday, September 8, 2019

Three part assingement Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Three part assingement - Research Paper Example That notation provided by the program is often readily understandable among the management personnel, developers, and analysts. The main initial aim was to reduce the communication gaps that usually exist among various organizational departments or within enterprises. Moreover, it helps to ensure that Extensible Markup Language (XML) documents are designed for the execution by diverse business processes and such processes must remain visualized within the common notations. The diagrams that are developed through the BPMN programs are often assembled from sets of core elements; hence, making it easy for non-technical and technical observers to evaluate and understand the process involved in any given management process. These underlying core or primary elements are often categorized into three main groups known as the flow object, swimlanes, and connecting objects. The flow objects are geometric figures including rectangles, circles, and diamonds that usually denote specific event and activities (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010). These elements in the flow objects are often interconnected with connecting objects that usually appear as dashes, solid, or dotted lines that sometimes include arrows that show process direction. On the hand, swimlanes are geometric signs that resemble lane lines that are found in the Olympic swimming pool bottom. They are often denoted as straight lines that usually run lengthwise in the rectangle marked or known as pool. The main function of the swimlanes is to organize the diverse flow of objects into categories of similar functionality (Brocke and Rosemann, 2010). Regardless of diverse properties of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), it main function aims at simplifying the understanding of numerous and varied business processes. Question 2 Challenges Numerous businesses often face series of challenges especially when undergoing any form of organizational change since the business process improvement for businesses is sometim es inefficient. Nearly all the management process change often experiences a push back that might emerge through forms and criteria including prioritizing the work (Halpin, Selmin, Soffer, and Proper, 2011). The prioritizing the work often emerges when there are multiple opportunities thereby making it difficult for the management to identify the most vital opportunity to undertake. Additionally, the business may experience the avoiding scope creep as a challenge during an organizational process change. This often occurs when the change team veers away from the main or initial focus of the change being initiated. The management may also experience the getting engaged challenge. This often occurs when BPI has sponsored processes that in actual sense does not exist (Halpin, Selmin, Soffer, and Proper, 2011). There are numerous challenges that are often experienced by organizations when they are initiating or rolling changes in the organization or in an organizational process; therefor e, the change team must determine and analyze the possible challenges towards effective change initiation and implementation. How Information Systems Support Business Process The circulation of information is quite vital for the operation and management of business processes. The computer based type of management information system often aims at reducing cost and increasing organizational information processing capabilities (Halpin, Selmin,

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