Thursday, August 8, 2019

Public Safety Services Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Public Safety Services - Research Paper Example This paper will illustrate how the department will improve quality and quantity of public safety services. The Department launched the Fire Safety Trailer Program to educate the residents on fire safety and how to respond in various real-life situations. The trailer used by the Fire Department contained a mobile home which was used as a simulation in educating the residents on life-saving techniques. These include how to contact the emergency department as well the use of smoke detectors at home. Although this program was successful in educating the citizens on fire safety, there are various measures that the department can undertake to improve their delivery services on safety programs (Brunacini, 1996). The Department should provide public safety services that meet the changing expectation and needs of the society. The needs and expectations of the society are not static rather they evolve with time. In order to address the community’s evolving needs, the Department should identify the gap between the citizens' needs on public safety and the Department’s ability to address these needs (Brunacini, 1996). The Department should carry out surveys in the community targeted at identifying the emerging trends and changes in the population that influence the public’s expectation of public safety. In addition, the Department should use the surveys to identify current and future disparities in public service delivery so as to address the evolving expectations of the population. The survey should be carried out by the department on a regular basis so as to identify relevant issues in society. The Department should prioritize the delivery of services to meet the identified gaps between the department and the society (Bradley, 2011). This involves changing the approaches used by the Department so as to address the dynamic needs of the society. Secondly, the Department should provide sufficient response capabilities throughout the town so as to respond to emergencies and crisis calls made to the department.     

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