Friday, August 16, 2019

HCS 455 Policy Issue Worksheet Essay

Please complete all questions in this worksheet and answer the questions thoroughly, with the use of sources where indicated, and wherever else you feel is necessary. List an issue you believe will have a profound impact on the future of healthcare in the US. An issue that will have a profound impact on the future will be caring for the elderly, especially those who suffer any chronic condition, and those who need to stay in a nursing homes or received home care. Why do you believe this issue is so significant? (Include sources to back up your statements) There will be a shortage of professionals that are trained to care for elderly in the future. According to a data collected 10 years from now there will be about 10,000 people each day that will be celebrating their 65th birthday. This means that this is twice the amount that we have at the moment. Mion, PhD, RN (n.d.). What are some of the root causes of this issue? (include sources to back up your statements) There will be too few doctors, nurses and other health professionals receive any formal training in how to provide the best care for older patients. Mion, PhD, RN (n.d.). Meaning those doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers that are trained properly will also be around their age. Some insurance policies do not cover some of the expenses for nursing homes and this is a burden for their families. What are some possible solutions to this issue? (list at least two different possible solutions) A possible solution for this issue is for the government to provide better long time care for the elderly by allowing legislation to pass a law. If you were a policymaker, what policy would you implement to address this issue? Why would you implement these policies? How would you determine if these policies were successful? If I was a policymaker, a policy that I would implement is to provide better health coverage to the elderly. The reason that I would implement this is because by the time they retired they won’t have the money to cover for their expenses, and if the government reduces the cost that they will pay towards their health coverage then this means that patient which are the elders will have to pay a portion of that and some of them will not be able to afford it. The only way to determine if these policies were successful is by collecting data from all health care agencies, making sure that elders are receiving the health care they need. What services should be address or what should be change.

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