Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Frustrations Essay Example for Free

Frustrations Essay Bo Bennett once said that, â€Å"Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success. † Yes, indeed frustration is painful and essential. In the growing stage as teens, it is inevitable that they face frustrations. What are some of these frustrations faced by teens? I think that the meeting of people’s expectations and peer pressure are some of the many frustrations the teens will face in their growing stage. One of the frustrations a teen has is the meeting of people’s expectations, especially their parents’ expectations. Research has indicated that the majority of parents expect their children to graduate from high school and complete some post secondary education. 92% of parents in 2010 believe that their child would go to university with 23% having children who did not succeed in getting into a university. 92% is an extremely big percentage. This shows that in 10 parents, 9 expect and hope that their child would go to university. This implies that majority of the teens face expectations from their parents. 7% of the teens make the cut and are able to make it to university. This means that about 4 in 5 teens have more expectations to meet. Therefore, in the society, many teens face expectations from their parents. One of the many other frustrations teens undergo is peer pressure. Teens are constantly worried about their peers’ opinions of them, hence in order to try and fit in, they may do things that make them feel uncomfortable. This may cause them to feel the frustrated and stressed while doing these actions to fit in. They are impressionable and jump the bandwagon. They may do what everyone else are doing but not actually knowing the ultimate reason of doing so. Results show that 75% of youth, tested in a survey done on teenagers, are influenced by peer pressure. From this results, we can see that majority of the teenagers are susceptible to peer pressure. In order to be popular, the 3 in 4 teens will be pressured to do what their peers’ tell them to do instead of doing what they think is right.

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