Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Top 10 Issues in America Essay Example for Free

Top 10 Issues in the States Essay unmatchable issue where the stakes argon simply too high to ignore China is rising. America should look for cooperative mechanisms to advance its goals where possible but maintain to press bilater each(prenominal)y with China and better deploy regional and international mechanisms where necessary. To be above china again America acquires to restore fiscal stability. With U.S. financial troubles at the center of the current global vortex, the U.S. has important obligations to strengthen the global financial system, including by enhancing financial regulation and diminishing reliance on foreign credit. Our health care needs to have some sort of ability so that every American citizen can have affordable health care. Each and every citizen has the right to be aided if they are medically in trouble and fighting for there life so we should be able to help everyone in America. Another issue that America our National Security which deals with a lot of gun violence. Many guns are creation sold illegally effortless on the streets.American citizens in some places cant walk down there streets or go to school without being worried about being shot to death. The gun shootings show that a lot of people do not care about our world until it is there issue. An issue that many search to now care about is pollution. We the citizens of America are the ones creating the issue of pollution but why do many not care. Another problem that America has is immigration. We are having a lot of people try and illegally come live here and work here which is making a lot of our citizens not able to get a job. Immigration can also lead us to the issue of over population. We as a country are over populated. This issue makes it harder for a lot of people to get jobs to be financially stable. Also creates a low amount of space in where we can primed(p) more homes.America desires to spend a lot of there time watching what the media has to say. Media i s wrecking our society by giving people images of what we should look like and what we should be which is destroying many individuals. Also the only thing that media likes to show us on the news is all the bad stuff that goes on in the world. We need to start showing more positive views of who we are rather than another person being shot for no apparent reason. I also opine that because of media a lot of Americans are not exercising properly leading to the issue of obesity. This big issue in America a lot of our citizens are over weight. A way this issue is somewhat being fixed is in New York they banned large bottled soda. America has a lot of issues that all seem to somehow tie together. I feel that if we start demolishing some of the issues we have that sooner or later the other issues that tag on with the main issue with disappear. So as one American Citizen to another wouldnt it be better to start tackling the issue today as opposed to tomorrow?Five Most Important Rights to A merican CitizensFive Most Important Responsibilities of the American Citizen

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