Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Patient Teaching Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Patient Teaching Plan - Assignment ExampleDiabetes is a chronic disease which necessitates changes in lifestyle, particularly in the house of nutrition and exercise. The overall objective of this lesson is to assist the patient i.e. Mr. Don Jones with a prissy course of action to deal with diabetes and to excite self-governed behavioral changes. The study materials for soul the basic information about diabetes can be found in several websites (Northshore University, 2009). Fundamental and complex thoughts about diabetes are identified and explained completely. Furthermore, connection surrounded by different perceptions of diabetes are recognized. 2. comprehend the symptoms of diabetes Identification of indications and symptoms which helps to recognize the existence of diabetes among individuals. This lesson requires providing fosterage on the aspects of monitoring blood glucose as well as urine. The patient i.e. Mr. Jones get out be reminded about recording information with p roper date and time so that he can understand any signs and symptoms such as urinary band and renal disease among others (Northshore University, 2009). Learning objectives are identified and are fulfilled appropriately. 3. ... He needs to understand how different food products can watch a harmful effect on his health as they might increase his blood sugar level. Thus, the patient will be taught about the counsel of gathering proper blood samples. Researches have depicted that patients having proper education on comprehending the information about blood sugar level can make better analysis of information (Nadeau, Koski, Strychar & Yale, 2001). The teaching materials are prearranged with brief explanations and finalized in a proper manner. 4. Prepare, combine and vaccinate insulin when required Demonstration of drawing up and injecting insulin to the patients The diabetes patient i.e. Mr. Jones must be prompted about different treatments so that he can manage diabetes as well as can maintain proper diet. Several patients with diabetes frequently become disheartened or despondent while taking medications or insulin. Thus, the teaching session would comprise an appraisal of different types of insulin and the abut of blending insulin. This session would also help to clarify the patients regarding management of insulin and medications, and also about the significance of taking therapies as recommended with proper dosage. He will be provided books on diabetes as a part of education material. However, keeping in view that Mr. Jones has a 6th grade reading level and poor eyesight, his diabetes education material would comprise a number of images related to Dos and Donts so that it is easier for him to understand (Northshore University, 2009). The patient is capable of implementing the knowledge appropriately for managing diabetes. 5. Understand risk of side effects from food or medicines Recognition of possible known risks with respect to side effects for medicine a nd foods

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