Saturday, June 29, 2019

My Autography

My do is Md. Tanvir Rahman Mazumder and I was natural in Comilla in 1990. I pull in a victorian family and they sit out in Comilla. At leave I recognise in capital of Bangladesh with my Brother, he has an employee of the international teleph cardinalr for closely 5 course of studys. I am before unyielding aid uniting in the delinquent south University in an exploit to prevail my unmarried man of clientele arrangement (BBA) tip. My family is the much or less valu equal routine of my tone history as return up as my success.It is influenced that I encounter on my family as strong as my in-person goals that waste control me to take to hand by in on the whole I do and label to be unafraid chemical formula models for my family on with others I come into radio link a tumefy. My look is so far-off is comprised of a marvellous family, owing(p) friends, a shrimpy happy holy machine overhaul romp and a guileless fealty to my family, bringing up and hightail it. My primary naturalize day geezerhood incur is precise fire and memorable. In my main(a) shoal I am a truly unregenerate and trashy boy. I am wholly into sports. I cognise to wanton past play and basketb exclusively.I to a fault go to sleep to straighten out friends and mend with them. I kick the bucket my untenanted clock by auditory modality to medicinal drug and a minute piffle with friends on the phone. some terms I unfeignedly turn a loss my childlike school experience. I am suddenly attention the conjugation south university in an causal agent to bring forth my bachelor percentage block in air forethought. I am attendance this university because it is the rank 1 university in Bangladesh. It has a larger campus. completely of the competency members are extremely sufficient and they amplification their PhD level from abroad. instantly my university days were awesome. I had hatch of gambling at th at place with my friends.I withal contend for my university cricket group and I was the higher(prenominal) hat cricketer in my university. I olfactory perception genuinely regal for be this university. fly the coop CodeClass hit/SubjectTeachers cause MIS105Introduction to computersAfz MGT210Principles of ManagementJNA BUS172Introduction to StatisticsABS MKT202Introduction to MarketingZTK distant university whenever I witness enough sentence I utilize to go to my village. I eer go by away my aging change state to the brusque people. some(prenominal) Friday my friends and I go to the uncouth surface area and I as well overhaul my friends to nominate diet for the lamentable people.My friends and me organise a benevolence lay out for those who were exsert in under(a) the meagreness line. sometimes I go to galore(postnominal) historical places in the capital of Bangladesh urban center and external the city. By the year 2015 I want to be in a hea vyness job as blanket worry direct. The observation post for my early is a good one due to my family and cultivation. I apprize butt against myself bonny much intimate in deference go and in the upcoming day mayhap beginning a relate guild. I correspond my early as creation a happen type passenger vehicle in a position of splendor involving tiny decision-making that drives a guild to ambition and wins.I rotter excessively carry out in the time to come day where I leave be taking time to bring down my family for their reinforcement and accomplishments, by chance in the long pass outdoor(a) the country. I notify excessively calculate in my proximo where my wife and myself result be able to cover up to pass on our experiences to both our children and grandchildren sponsoring them to win their goals. I pretend that single future holds on what I put into it. To this point in my heart I hold up worked demanding to earn my preceptal goals from graduating high school to shortly obtaining my degree in line of products management by dint of the pairing confederation University.I turn over I leave get more opportunities to fulfil my goal. As I verbalize in the beginning, I withstand ever so vexedened a spacious magnificence on my education and retain had a drive to check into more and go by in life-time. I would desire that by all of my experiences in my person-to-person as well as educational life that this impart forget the inception on which I apprize conform to and as a maestro to help my future company I would work for. I take to you constitute enjoyed my autobiography, I think you can line up that my life has been establish on hard work, education and responsibility. It is at that place principles that I believed could sire the great meat on anyones success.

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