Thursday, May 30, 2019

House of the Spirits Essay -- essays papers

House of the Spirits In Allendes The House of the Spirits, Esteban Trueba is the principal male character. During the course of the novel, Trueba increases his power in the world as he progresses in status from a conservative landowner to a powerful senator. He is tyrannical, treating his family members and the tenants on his family hacienda, Tres Maras, akin field of forces rather than intimate community. The land for most of Truebas actions is the desire for power, control, and wealth, and he pursues these things at any cost, disregarding his emotional decline and the effects of his actions upon the people in his life. The most brutal display of Truebas power are the many rapes he performs in Las Tres Maras not a girl passed from puberty to adulthood that he did not subject to the woods, the riverbank, or the wrought-iron bedhe began to chase after those from the neighboring haciendas, take them in the wink of an eye, anywhere he could find a place in the fields. Trueba rationalizes away his guilt, absolves his sins by hardening his soul and silencing his conscience with the excuse of progress . His actions, however, come back to haunt him later in the novel, when the product of one of his rapes, his illegitimate grandson, Esteban Garcia, becomes a leader in the military regime and captures his beloved Alba, who is tortured and raped by Garcias men. Trueba also desires control over his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. He wants control over that shadowy and luminous material that lay with her Clara and that escaped him. In addition, when Clara stated, You cant keep the world from changing, Esteban. If its not Pedro Tercero Garca, someone else will bring natural ideas to Tres Maras, Trueba ... ...aracteristic he had had since childhood, when he used to throw himself on the floor foaming at the mouth, so furious that he could scarcely breath, and kicking like one possessed by the devil. Trueba is successful politically and financially, but he suffers emotionally. As Truebas wealth and power grow, his relationships with his family members and tenants crumble. His failure to achieve a offset between his priorities and the needs of other people causes many disturbances in the social interactions throughout his life. Trueba attempts to solve many problems through the use of his uncontrollable fits of rage, and this is his ultimate downfall. Trueba is inefficient to comprehend the effects of his actions and he refuses to realize his emotional decline, resulting in his long and miserable life until he dies in the arms of his granddaughter, Alba, at an old age.

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