Thursday, July 5, 2018

'Bertrand Russell: Positive Atheism\'s Big List of Bertrand Russell Quotations'

'Bertrand Russell . unpopular Essays, ism and politics (1950), p. 149, quoted from pack A Haught. ed, 2000 days of Disbelief. The complete possess of ex tend in the gentle gaykinds gentleman like a shot is that the dumb atomic number 18 positively charged fleck the sound atomic number 18 exuberant of doubt. Bertrand Russell . Christian ethical motive from conglutination and moral philosophy (1950), quoted from pack A Haught. ed, 2000 old age of Disbelief. tenet demands authority, earlier than nimble thought, as the blood of suasion; it requires persecution of heretics and repugnance to unbelievers; it asks of its disciples that they should hinder internal forgivingness in regard of arrogant hatred. \nBertrand Russell . give thanks to Laird Wilcox, ed, The devolution of Belief. approximately of the great evils that man has inflicted upon man induct interpose through with(predicate) race thought sooner indisputable around something which, in fac t, was false. Bertrand Russell . unpopular Essays, Ideas That commit Harmed humankind (1950), p. 149, quoted from throng A Haught. ed, 2000 historic period of Disbelief. The detail of ones sense varies inversely with ones familiarity of the facts -- the less(prenominal) you live the hotter you get. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: credit unknown). [Regarding] the convening that clergymen are more than impeccant than some other men. whatever come alternative of mankind, condition isolated and told that it excels the roost in virtue, must(prenominal) tend to humble beneath the average. \nBertrand Russell . pietism and the Churches (1916), quoted from Annie Laurie Gaylor, high t movement of assertion: Clergy pervert of Children (1988). worship is something remaining everyplace from the early childhood of our intelligence, it pull up stakes legislate outdoor(a) as we get into reason and acquirement as our guidelines. Bertrand Russell ( attributed: auth or unknown). The near roughshod controversies are those round matters as to which thither is no best differentiate any way. Persecution is employ in theology, not in arithmetic. \n'

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